Silhouette StockingWhen my kids were young, I found a trio of very cute stockings in a small local store that I thought were totally unique and special for our family. And then my mother saw them and said, Oooo, I saw those at the card store! 
So much for originality.

Want something hanging from you chimney with care that you can be sure is unique to your own family? Then check out these custom stockings which go way beyond monograms, and be assured that the only way you’ll see two alike is if you have identical twins.

What makes the aptly named Simply Silhouettes’ Custom Silhouette Felt Stockings so cool is that you don’t just pick a silhouette for a “girl” or “baby,”  but will have a unique silhouette created from a photograph of your own kids.

My son’s cowlick and my daughter’s love of ponytails would show up great. That scratch they got on their cheek yesterday? Not an issue. 

The uniqueness of each stocking doesn’t end with the silhouette either. This Vancouver, Washington shop gives you eight color choices each for the stocking, the silhouette, the trim and the cuff, meaning you can go super-colorful, or more monochromatic as in the dramatic black-and-white stocking shown on top.

I love how sweet a baby’s head looks in silhouette and think this would make a great First Christmas stocking for those of you with newborns. I can just hear myself, year after year, pulling out the stocking and then sighing over how sweet my baby looked, even when this “baby” has started sporting facial hair. -Christina
Hurry! The Custom Silhouette Felt Stockings from Simply Silhouettes must be ordered by Friday, December 3rd to be ready for Christmas.