Handmade upcycled gifts by Seven Smooches
As much as I’d love to make my own holiday gifts, I’ve come to the realization that with four kids I just don’t have the time. And quite frankly, even with all the time in the world, I’d never be able to make anything quite as amazing as the gorgeously upcycled goodies from Seven Smooches.

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Even with seven kids between them, creative moms Jennifer and Stacy use
their sewing machine, recycled sweaters, and their wonderful imagination
to create unique, whimsical kids clothes, accessories, and gifts unlike
anything I’ve seen before. We fell in love with them a while back, but the collection has grown to include some really great gifts.  My personal faves are the handmade blankets,
like the adorable snowman, or even the
cool astrology blankets that would make a fantastic welcome baby gift.

felted spectacles
I’m particularly infatuated with their new storybook collection, like the fabulous Princess and the Pea playset or the felted Mother Goose Spectacles (right)–the whole collection features all sorts of treasures inspired by, you guessed
it, story books, to inspire dress-up and creative play. Plus, they’re donating 15% of purchases from this
collection to the Reading Tree, a charity that helps get books into the
hands of kids who might not otherwise have them.

I can really only see
one drawback from buying of these gifts – the fact that I can’t take
credit for making them. But finding and giving them it’s almost just as
good. -Kristen

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