Lucille Ball
We love TV. Love TV! No apologies here for our pop culture addiction. It seems so far back that TV moms were just you know…funny. And not because they got Botox live in front of cameras. (Or maybe we’re watching too much Bravo?)

So we are happy to present a three-part series on our favorite TV moms through the ages, and the fab fashion they inspired, sponsored by Xfinity from Comcast which helps you keep up with your favorite entertainment.


Sorry Donna Reed, you’ve got no chance against Lucy Ricardo,
who might just be the best TV mom in history, let alone the 1950’s. She
was the first official Hollywood mom on TV, her husband was hot, and
she didn’t lose her sense of humor with her placenta. That’s our kind of
mom. Besides, she rocked the polka dots and worked that red hair. You
could tell-even in black and white.

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1950s inspired coat

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christian louboutin pumps

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it, every one of you wanted to be Samantha Stevens when you grew up.
She was glamorous, resourceful, had a mind of her own, was mom to the
cutest girl on the planet, and hey…she was magic! (Plus she totally
switched husbands without anyone ever noticing.) And is it just us or
did Samantha sport the original bump-it and somehow make it look

mod mini dress
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vintage 1960s necklace
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beaded sweater
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Who were your favorite cool TV moms of the 50s and 60s? Have they inspired your fashion in any way? -Liz + Kristen

This post brought to you by Xfinity from Comcast
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