Takeya Glass Water Bottles“Gosh, honey. I’d love to give you my water bottle and have you spit a bunch of germs and floaty pieces of avocado into it,” I said. “But  Mommy’s new bottle is GLASS, so it’s not for kids.”

…and that’s how I finally got to taste normal water again. But these new water bottles we discovered have even more good points than floaty-free drinking.

Because they’re made of glass and covered in a durable, eco-conscious silicone jacket, the Takeya water bottles
give you a beautiful, portable, reusable water bottle that tastes just
like you’re drinking out of a glass. No metallic aftertaste, even on a
hot day. No plastic that can tear, scratch, or stink. Just clean, smooth

The on/off caps don’t leak, and the bottle cleans well in your dishwasher. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?  It pretty much is.

you’re worried about the breakability of glass, I’m here to tell you
that the Takeya bottles are super durable. I’m pretty klutzy around the
house– I even spilled my creamer on the floor of the cafe this morning
and jammed my toe on an empty box last night. But in over a month of
testing a (purple!) 22 oz. Classic Takeya bottle on the go and around
the house, it’s totally pristine.

You wouldn’t want to take it to the gym, of course, or send it to school
with the kids. But it’s going to look gorgeous sitting on your desk at
work or on your table at the cafe. And until your kids are ten or so,
you’ve got at least one place where your water will taste just like it’s
supposed to– clean.~Delilah

Check out the Classic and Modern Takeya Water Bottles in a variety of pretty colors on the Takeya website. You can also buy them through our affiliate, Amazon.