If you’re sick of the frantic rush of live holiday shopping but still want to take up some real estate under the tree, you need to go check out the cool stuff at Discovery Kids, the exclusive toy section of The Discovery Channel Store.

It’s filled with items meant to spark imagination and sneakily teach about the wonders of the natural world.

Via Discovery Kids, a big hit around our house is Rainbow in my Room,
a machine that–not surprisingly–creates rainbows that arc across the
room. My daughter was starting to enter the “I’m scared of the dark”
phase, but having her own rainbow machine has nipped that melodrama in
the bud. Don’t forget the 4 AAA batteries, though, or you’ll spend a day
being nagged.

We also love the My Discovery World Map,
a placemat-sized flat map with games, songs, and plenty of interesting
stuff to click on using fingers, feet, small cars, or even the handy
attached airplane. Both toys are on sale now, too–bonus!

are so many exciting choices, from electric keyboards and musical
instruments to kid-tech, remote control snakes, butterfly (or praying
mantis!) habitats, electronic piggy banks, art activities, chemistry
kits, night-vision goggles, and so so much more.

I would skip
the pottery wheel, though– those things never work. Try the Sticker
Maker or Storybook publisher, if your kid is more art than science.~Delilah

Find great science toys for kids at Discovery Kids, and find adult stuff in the regular Discovery Channel Store

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