With how integrated tech is becoming in our lives these days as parents, it’s getting harder to narrow down our favorite apps, software, hardware, and other 21st century picks. Here are a few of our favorites of the year, including some picks from our sister site, Cool Mom Tech.


Uh, the iPad? Helloooo… –Liz + Kristen

Best tech of 2010 - Toshiba Kid's Laptop

Toshiba scored major parent points with their new Toshiba Kids PC. It’s comes preloaded with safety features and a kid-friendly browser, and the wipeable keyboard is truly magical. -Kristen

Tech Accessories

Custom iPhone Case

If smartphones are the brag book of the new century, the custom photo iPhone case from case-mate lets you show off your kids before you’ve even turned the thing on –Liz

Epiphanie Camera Bags

The gorgeous new Clover laptop bag from Epiphanie carries your fancy camera and computer together in style. Best part–no one will know that except you. -Kristen

Apps for Kids

Papertown Friends

Papertown Friends is kind of my dream app for kids: Artful, adorable, and best of all, very very quiet. –Liz

Pictureka for iPad

I’m just as obsessed with Pictureka for iPad (and iPhone) as my kids are– maybe more. Cool graphics and educational without even really knowing it. Love. -Kristen

Apps for Parents


Kudos to Hipstamatic, which launched a whole new category of iPhone photo filters, and makes even my worst photos look pretty darn cool. –Liz


The awesome PriceBlink add-on for Firefox has already saved me time and money in the few days since I’ve installed it. All you need is a computer; the rest it does for you. -Kristen


Cool Mom Tech

Cool Mom Tech. Of course.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010 - coolest tech

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