Red Rose Petal Silk Dupioni Bassinet by Oleyno BoykoIf MTV’s show Cribs was actually about cribs, this is what you’d see: Custom, handmade, super-luxe linens for only the poshest of tots. As narrated by Robin Leach.

Of course, you can also buy it retail, but it’s still going to cost you.

Olena Boyko
is pretty much the celebrity wedding cake of the nursery linen world.
From her sumptuous crib sets to her confectionery bassinets and high
style Moses baskets, every piece is handmade and can be ordered
completely custom, down to embroidery color, font, and monogram style. (What? Your own baby didn’t have monogrammed silk sheets?)

The designs are characterized by elegant color,
luscious silk, indulgent (very indulgent) fairy tale bows, and a unique combination of
elements, including decorative pillows and wall art. And astronomical price tags. If you’re
looking for a deal on nursery bedding, this ain’t the place.

But if you can get past the over-the-top photo on the homepage of the site, to see how your wildest baby princess dreams
might be artfully sewn from silk dupioni–or you just want to know what a $1000 bassinet looks like–look no further. ~Delilah

View the nursery designs at Olena Boyko, or purchase moses baskets, bassinets and crib linens through these exclusive US and UK online boutiques.