jelloware edible cups
Having recently introduced my girls to the joys of Willie Wonka (yes the original. Sheesh.) they became instantly fascinated with the idea of a teacup that you could actually eat. I had to explain that it was just a movie, and that no, we can not actually eat our dishware.

But wait! Turns out you can.

A clever group of entrepreneurial Parsons grads calling themselves The Way We See The World devised some fabulous edible cups from a vegan JELL-O substitute, aptly named Jelloware. I’m not sure about Rosemary-Beet, but Lemon-Basil and Ginger-Mint sound pretty darn good to me. And, I’d imagine to my kids.

You can visit their page at Kickstarter (previously reviewed here) and invest in the project for as little as $20 to help them get it off the ground. Yay for smart women making the world a tastier, more eco-friendly place. -Liz

Visit the Jelloware page at Kickstart to learn more about the project, or give a thumbs-up to The Way We See The World on Facebook.

[via slashfood, the kitchn]

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