Do you know what the secret is to raising a child who loves art? Love it yourself, and have it around, and make it, and talk about it. That’s it. Easy. And we’ve found a really easy way to enter the wide world of art, learn about it, and maybe even invite a few special pieces into your life with a fabulous new website.

Little Collector is designed to connect you with a wide but carefully curated selection of kid-friendly contemporary art by recognized artists like Kenny Scharf, Shepard Fairey (whose elephant print is shown here), David Levinthal, and even designer Cynthia Rowley, who’s a fabulous illustrator, too.

What I love is that they don’t have the pastel, antiseptic, faceless art that big box stores seem to think kids want to look at. Instead they go with actual working artists making actual art that’s interesting and has something to say. And that isn’t scary at all, I promise. It’s wonderful. And exciting.

The work is divided into photos and illustrations, and you can also browse
by artist. Each archival, museum-quality print comes in three sizes and a choice of frames. Plus each print is part of a limited edition, so you’re not going to see it cropping up in your friends’ playrooms like so many mushrooms. It’s as close to unique as you can get without going to a gallery.

So that’s the secret. Find something you want to look at and fall in love with it. Kids dig that kind of thing.~Delilah

Fall in love with art at Little Collector. I did.


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