LEGO is, in my mind, the quintessential building toy of childhood. I played with it when I was little; both of my kids–their ages in double digits–still love to build with it. The problem, of course, is that no matter what LEGO storage solutions I come up with, there seems to always be a stray brick or ten on the floor, waiting to skewer my foot.

While this BOX4BLOX LEGO organizer hasn’t solved all of my LEGO woes, it’s gone a long way towards keeping the mess contained, and I’ll tell you why: It’s the only storage system that sorts the pieces without any work on your kid’s part. Really.

Just stack the four trays in order of hole size as shown (the smallest grate on the bottom, the largest one on top) and then load stray pieces into the top at will. A gentle shake (or stir, if you prefer) and voila–the smallest pieces hit the green tray, the next-smallest nestle in the red tray, the bigger blocks in the blue, and the biggest in the yellow. You’ve cleaned up and magically organized it so that you can unstack the trays and find everything you need the next time you come to build.

Although invented by a couple of parents in New Zealand, it’s made here in America and holds up to 1700 bricks at a time. But the very best part? My kids actually use it. Hallelujah! -Mir

You can buy BOX4BLOX LEGO storage directly from the company website or from our affiliate, Amazon.