When I first became a mother of two, my own mom introduced me to the concept of collaborative board games. Think less “I did it!” and more “We did it!”

In other words, less “I hate you, I’m never playing with you any more ever again!” and more…well, yeah. You get it.

Peaceable Kingdom (pun intended?) happens to make a series of collaborative board games that are a great break from the Molasses Swamp and Queen Frostine–which no doubt have been getting quite the workout in your playroom this winter.

The Hoot Owl Hoot! game is my five year-old’s favorite, in part because there’s a little bit of strategy involved. All the players play
all the owls, and your goal is to move them to the nest before the sun comes up. My three year-old is more of a fan of Count Your Chickens!, which features a similar goal, but relies entirely on your wheel-spinning prowess. She definitely needs me (or her sister) to play with her to keep her honest, but not much.

Collaborative board games like Count Your Chickens are great for preschoolers

Both games nice exercises for preschoolers in color matching and basic counting. And happiness. And harmony. And peace and quiet while mommy is reading. Need I say more?

Find a good selection of board games for children from Peaceable Kingdom, including Hoot Owl Hoot and Count Your Chickens which are available for order starting today.