I am looking for an online meal planner and shopping list generator…any suggestions?

As I sit down to plan the meals out and do up a shopping list, I think to myself, there has to be a digital way to do this. -Aine

If you really want everything from soup to nuts (heh), check out Relish. For a totally reasonable monthly fee, they’ll email you recipes each week from which you can pick the ones you want to make for your family. After scaling the recipes to fit your family size—-an awesome feature if you have just one child or a whole bunch of eating machines—-Relish generates a grocery shopping list for you, on their free iPhone app if you’d like. 
Each Relish recipe is coded for different attributes like vegetarian or quick or low calorie. The only thing it won’t do is dishes. Rats.

Six O'Clock Scramble
The SOS Six O’Clock Scramble to the Rescue Cookbook is my go-to book at 5:30pm when I need to make dinner FAST, but it does require me to sift through pages to figure out what ingredients I have on hand. 
Instead, have author Aviva Goldfarb email you recipe choices each week, along with a super-handy shopping list. All you do is join up with her subscriber-based online dinner planning service aptly called The Six-O’Clock Scramble. The best thing? All her recipes follow her cookbook formula of taking less than a half-hour to prepare, which is just about all the time I have before hungry children start nipping at my heels.
Or if you find yourself spending way too much time jumping from site to site to find a chicken dish your kids will eat, you may want to check out Yummly instead. Drawing from such huge recipe sites as All Recipes and Epicurious, Yummly will sift through thousands of recipes to find those that fit your criteria, though I didn’t see a filter for “no icky green things”. –Christina

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