Robot wall artThe thing about typical art for kids’ walls is that it can feel a little… transitory. You know? Like, it’s only up for a year or so before the kid moves on to a new thing.
That’s why this amazing wall art is so perfect. You just can’t grow out of it.

ModTots by Modern Bird is
a line of clean, simple, modern wall art for cool kids and their cool parents. Look at that robot guy over there: he appeals to the 3-year-old who
loves ‘bots and the dad who loves Radiohead. Right? 
And this is real art. Each
painting is based on original illustrations by ModTots’ Gregg Deal, who then hand-paints the picture onto oak using acrylic-based paint.
this little tidbit is the chocolate-sprinkled frosting on top of the
ModTots coolness cake: each piece is named after the first person who
buys it. Take a look at Harrison the Fox–named
for Harrison the Kid. his mom bought the first fox design and provided
ModTots with a fun description of Harrison’s personality, which will
always be linked to the design. What a fun, personal touch. -Lexi

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