This week, I popped into one of my favorite NYC department stores to leave my drool marks on the jewelry cases–kind of like a wolf marking his territory. Hey, maybe if I drool on this case here no one else will buy it? And then they’ll have to give it to me? Free?

From what I saw, looks like this is going to be a really fun year for jewelry. I was smitten with all the big, colorful chunky gemstone pendants on display this season–if not all the zeroes on the price tags. So a quick look around the web and I spotted some similar, more affordable options.

The oversized quartz crystal pendant from Peggy Li seems right on trend, with about a 2-inch quartz crystal suspended from a fun link chain. If you’re craving a bit of color, her fire agate necklace looks pretty darn cool too, and reminds me a whole lot of a 1960’s hand-me-down I own from my Great Aunt.

All of Peggy’s handmade jewelry is relatively affordable, with some pieces under $50 and most under $200. Fun tidbit: you can spot her baubles in a huge ton of TV shows and films. Guess it’s good to have fans in the Grey’s Anatomy wardrobe department. –Liz

Find a huge array of handmade jewelry online from Peggy Li where through TODAY ONLY, everything in the shop is 20% off with code PRESDAY. Even sale items.