Cloth diapers by Charlie Banana
The only thing more adorable than a cute baby bottom in a cloth diaper
is saying “Charlie Banana” whenever someone asks you where the diaper
came from.

Cloth is making a comeback, mainly because it’s good for the environment and cuter than ever. But you already know that. What you might not know is that there’s a new brand called Charlie Banana that can cover all of your cloth needs in one fell swoop with free shipping to boot.

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Charlie Banana‘s aim is to make the world a greener place by encouraging mothers
to reuse as much as possible. The stars of their line are sized or
one-size cloth diapers that work with either disposable inserts or
reusable cloth inserts. The colors are bright, the prints are cute, the
interiors are soft, the fit is adjustable, and I’ve found that the
diapers respond well to washing and drying. They also have one-sided and
two-sided baby wipes, if you’re into the cloth wipe thing.

And since it’s almost pool season, be sure to try the reusable swim diapers,
which fit well under my boy’s trunks and didn’t leave indentations in
his chubby thighs like some other brands I’ve tried. And although CMP doesn’t usually go there, I
must tell you that their Feminine Pads are totally awesome–stain resistant, soft, absorbent, and shaped to fold and snap into discreet little packets. So there.~Delilah

cloth diapers and more from Charlie Banana or at our affiliate, Amazon. Order through the Charlie Banana site and get 10% off any order and free shipping on orders over $100 with coupon code 10mompicks2011.

**ed note – If you have any issues with the code (the new online cart still has a few kinks) please email or and they’ll make sure your
order works with the coupon code.

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