Boom, boom, acka-lacka-lacka boom, baby. We’re proud to show you the results of humanity’s first attempt to literally Walk the Dinosaur.

Bonus: This king of the terrible lizards has some sweet dance moves.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex Push Toy
from Arks and Animals on Etsy is one of the most unusual (and unusually cool) wooden toys
we’ve found, which is saying a lot. Measuring in at just under a foot
tall, this handsome dino is hand-made by an internationally known
woodworker from trees on his own 50-acre family farm in New York, then finished with safe, natural dyes. When you push and pull him, his tiny little
T.Rex arms move, his powerful feet pedal the wheels, and his frightening
jaws chomp up and down as he pretends to devour your fingers.

Or sing lullabies. Depends on what kind of kid you have, I guess.~Delilah

Find the Tyrannosaurus Rex Push Toy
from Arks and Animals on Etsy. They’re listed one at a time, so you
might have to contact the artist or wait for another one to be listed.

P.S. As for the Walk the Dinosaur earworm… you’re welcome.

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