Combat-Ready Balm - skin care for babies and moms
A momma friend taught me a simple premise years ago – if a product is genuinely gentle enough for your baby’s delicate skin, it’ll be kind to your sensitive skin, too. That’s how I started using Combat-Ready Balm, formulated for babies and kids, on my winterized, wizened hands. Even though the name doesn’t instantly sound like something you store in a pink gingham basket on the changing table.

Esthetician Sara Damelio developed Skincando,
with a line of organic and natural products, including a balm, bar, and
lip balm. The balm is non-greasy, lanolin-free and gently scented with
French lavender and grapefruit. And what’s good for babies and moms is
indeed good for tough guys (and gals), too.

In fact here’s a good story: a soldier in Iraq received this same stuff
from his wife several years ago (you can see the connection), to provide
relief from sand flea bites, sunburn, and the dry skin conditions of
the Middle East. Soon, other soldiers were asking about it, and next
thing you know, Damelio launched Operation Sand Flea. This
not-for-profit campaign sends cases of Combat-Ready Balm to troops at
wholesale cost: more than 5,000 packages have been donated to date. – Barbara

Find the natural skincare products like Combat-Ready Balm online at Skincando. There are mini sizes too if you want to try a sample first.


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