Happy MealAhhh, the Happy Meal. Regardless of whether or not you ever step foot in a McDonald’s, you probably know exactly what you might find if you open up that brightly colored container: A little hamburger or set of nuggets, pouch of fries–and a cheap plastic toy.

How many of our kids ask for the toy before the food? Or ask for the food because of the toy? I’ll sheepishly raise my hand.

It now looks like New York City may ban Happy Meal toys following in San Francisco’s footsteps. NYC Councilman Leroy Comrie asserted his desire to “limit fast food industries’ ability to target and lure in the most vulnerable members of our society”. 

I get it. With obesity on the rise, do kids really need more incentive to eat meals with up to 700 calories? On the other hand though, for this mama who hits the fast-food joints so rarely that the kids think it’s a holiday when we do, I’m not sure the removal of the toy is all that needs to change. – Christina

We’d love to hear from you: Is this a ridiculous case of the government stepping on parents’ decision-making? Or, in this age of extreme obesity among younger and younger kids, does the toy in the box post too much of a lure for young children? Or maybe it’s much ado about nothing…