World Without FishJust in time for Earth Day on April 22, a new book weaves together all the intricate threads –biology, climate, culture, economics, evolution, food, history, and politic — that combined, makes up the rich tapestry of our world. And it does so gorgeously.

With fish.

Written by Mark Kurlansky, a former commercial fisherman New York Times best-selling author, and all around cool guy, World Without Fish
is a captivating (fish) tale. It explains for both adults and kids how
the fish we most commonly eat may very well be gone in another 50 years,
unless there is a profound shift our eating – and fishing — habits. 

World Without Fish isn’t dry, though it is meticulously researched (it just earned a “recommend” rating from Scientific American)
and clocks in just under a daunting 180-pages, so it’s probably best suited for
kids ages 9 and up. Your ichthyology mileage may vary. The book is chock-full of fish facts (I’ll bet you didn’t know that jellyfish are
considered the cockroaches of the sea) and has an engaging 12-page, full-color graphic novel woven throughout.

While the concerns raised about the ocean environment are indeed alarming, the message is one of
empowerment and action. I’m gifting a copy of this valuable resource to
my middle schooler’s classroom, stat. – Barbara

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