If you could see the ground-in crayon and magic marker stains all over the back seats of our minivan, you’d understand why I’m so fond of a cool portable drawing tablet that uses nothing more than water, and generates no mess at all.

As with so many of the toys we love from b.toys, it’s the well-thought design that makes the H2-Whoa! board (great name) a toy my kids are taking along everywhere they go. The shape sits nicely on their lap so they can draw, write messages or just scribble across the fabric-covered facade with nothing more than water.

Reminiscent of the Buddha Board which we love for its in-the-moment drawings that evaporate after a few minutes, the H2-Whoa! is a more rugged, go-anywhere toy for younger kids who tend to drop their toys and leave them wherever they fall.

My three kids can even share this toy (no, really) since it comes with four easy-to-store “pens” that you just fill with water. During particularly long road trips, I just use our water bottles for easy refills–I love that.

A drawing surfaces on each side means that the board can be flipped over while waiting for the other side to evaporate. And the easy-gripping handles make this such a portable toy, it’s likely to follow you from the car to the house to the car again. -Christina

b.toys’ H2-Whoa! board is for sale at our affiliate Amazon.

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