Baby shower invitations by Tiny PrintsUnless I’ve got a friend who isn’t telling me something, I have no need for baby shower invitations any time soon. I’m not hosting one–that I know of. But when the time comes, I’m so excited to use one of the new baby shower invitations from Tiny Prints.

They’ve really stepped up their collection (which was, truthfully,
in need of a little stepping up) with gorgeous, witty, modern designs.
My personal favorite is the Cutest Dare invitation (pictured). So retro and fun. I also love the idea of a gender-revealing shower.
Never heard of that before. And though I don’t find out the sex of my
babies when I’m pregnant, I live vicariously through anyone who does, so
this kind of party would be amazingly fun for me.

gender neutral baby shower invitationOr,
just change the headline and use the bold graphic question mark as a
way to tell your guests to buy you a lot of things in yellow and orange.

Okay, I’m gonna say it: the sonogram picture invitation is kind of creepy. But the rest? Love them. Now I just need a friend to take one for the team so I can order a few. Stephanie

Find a nice selection of new baby shower invitations online at Tiny Prints.

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