cardboard robot toy
My son, like so many kids, has a thing for robots, but the first few realistic robot toys he received were greeted with suspicion and trepidation: Why are those eyes blinking? and—ack!—will it talk at night when I’m in bed?!?

So, both he and I were so pleased to find a new kit that will produce a cool-looking robot that runs on imagination, not batteries.

The aptly named Calabot was created by the smart people at Calafant whose build-your-own cardboard structures have entertained my kids for years. Like their palace, farm, and even walk-in castle, the Calabot comes completely disassembled–words that normally strike fear into my no-assembly-required heart. But, with easy-to-follow instructions (no, really!), any smart teen or grown up should be ok.

Just don’t think you can hand the box to your six-year-old and tell him to build it himself. 

calafant robot toy
The finished product is surprisingly realistic from the jointed arms that really move, to the big blocky head and legs. I’ll probably hit him with some duct tape in spots where the cardboard pieces seem to come apart more easily, but otherwise our robot is pretty sturdy.

The best part is finishing it yourself. My son painted him silver, then went to work with markers. My favorite touch is the little written Hi  by the Calabot’s mouth; I’m sure my son put that there to insure that his robot comes in peace, even in the middle of the night. -Christina

You’ll find the Calabot toy robot at Fat Brain Toys.

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