DIY art supply storage pouchesDo you love nice, crisp boxes of brand new art supplies as much as I do? And do your kids somehow manage to rip those nice, crisp boxes within about eleven minutes of opening them as often as mine do? Well, take a look at this adorable tutorial for DIY art supply storage pouches. Far better than a Zip-loc, if you ask me.

To make the bags as shown, you need to be able to sew in a zipper, but if you can’t, the concept can still be applied to drawstring bags, too. And though I haven’t tried to make any yet, the tutorial looks simple and easy to follow (if only the font were easier to read!). 

I’m utterly in love with the idea of printing photos –right onto the fabric– of the items that are actually in the bag. How cool is that? So when my kids open up our art cupboard it will be so easy to find the bag of markers because, oh, look, there’s the bag with markers on it. –Stephanie

[via Making it Lovely and Ohdeedoh]