Sometime after the thrill of the Easter egg hunt, but before dinner is ready for the table, my kids hit a sort of jittery, must-do-something phase. This is when I had best have a few tricks up my sleeve before they decide to see how far they can toss the black jelly beans.

So to keep some semblance of sanity after the candy is consumed, we’ve rounded up a few easy (and free!) crafts that you can have at the ready for when you need it today. Oh, and you can send those black jellybeans my way.

These adorable printable rabbit finger puppets from Secret Agent Josephine are perfect for a verse (or two) of Little Rabbit Foo Foo, or a little puppet theater at the dinner table.

Bunny Memory Game

Love this bunny memory game which would be easy to create with just some card stock and a pair of scissors. It’s a great way to keep really young ones occupied or to challenge older kids to see who can find all the pairs the fastest. (from Modern Parents Messy Kids)

Easter Egg Hunt
Here’s a different, quieter kind of egg hunt from illustrator Julissa Mora. Love that there are two versions that will keep the kids busy for a little while, and all you need are a few crayons.

Bunny Origami
Just a square of paper becomes a cute origami bunny face. I love that my kids could color the bunny or leave him au natural, and I suspect they both will be hopping all over the house for the day. Check out the easy tutorial on Mer Mag.

Have a happy Easter!