Chocolate Mother's Day card. Yes, chocolate. What mom doesn’t love getting cards on the most important holiday of the year? Of course I’m talking about May 8th, (that’s Mother’s Day honey, in case you forgot). And while I’ve loved every glitter-laden handmade card I’ve ever received, I must say that this one might take the cake. Or chocolate.

The chocolate postcards, by CMP Fave, Rogue Confections, would be a most welcome addition this year. Not only are they decorated with swoon-worthy Victorian themes, but they’re made of pure Belgian chocolate. Semisweet for the purists, milk chocolate for the masses, and white chocolate for…well, I’m not sure who, but hey, no judgments here. -Betsy

Go make a mom very happy by ordering her a Mother’s Day chocolate postcard at Rogue Confections.

And don’t forget grandmas, aunts, or other awesome moms you know.

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