Okay, so you just realized that tomorrow is Mother’s Day. (It’s possible.) Or maybe you’ve just been so swamped that you haven’t grabbed the perfect gift for the mom in your life just yet; word has it parents get busy from time to time.

No need to freak–here are a few of my own favorite last minute gift ideas that are easy to cobble together in the next 24 hours.

1. A gift card to a local spa.
It can be a whole day of beauty or just a gift card for a pedicure or a
massage. To make it extra special, pair it with a pampering lotion in a
pretty package from your local Whole Foods or specialty store. Or most spas sell their own products that you can grab when you pick up the gift card.

2. The gift of reading
Hoof it to your local bookstore for a great memoir, fat cookbook, or a
sentimental love letter to motherhood.  I am loving the brand new My Parents Were Awesome, based on the popular retro photo-filled website. Affix a photo of your own mom to the inside flap and make it extra-special.

3. A custom photobook
It’s too late to order a custom photo book online, but you can get crafty with a
blank journal or mini brag book, and have your favorite digital photos
printed in one hour at a local CVS or Target. Alternate the pages with drawings from the kids, which is a nice touch.

4. A custom video
Upload your digital photos to Animoto
and in no time at all you’ll have a beautiful video complete with
amazing music. It’s free up to 30 seconds, but I think it’s worth it to
upgrade for a few bucks and do something longer. Email it to moms in
faraway places, or download it to a disc or USB drive and tie it with a

5. Tickets to an event or show
Once in a while, we moms like seeing something that can’t be DVR’d, and doesn’t have the word “Housewives” in it. Head to sites like MSG or Ticketmaster and scrounge up a few choice seats to a great show or sporting event. You can also try Stub Hub for a hot ticket that’s hard to come by, but I’d recommend skipping broadway.com though which charges a fortune in fees.

6. A day of free time
It costs you nothing, and most moms would probably love this best of
all. Of course if you pair it with a gift card to a cleaning service, a
night of baby sitting, or a dinner on the town, it will be guaranteed to
go over huge.

7. A donation to another mother in need
I really love this recent CMP post which rounds up 3 amazing charities that support maternal health.
Make a donation online, and have a digital acknowledgment sent or just
write it yourself in a card. The truth is, sometimes we moms really do
feel like we have it all already.

For more last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas, check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide — and just skip over the keepsake jewelry.


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