Halter top nursing dress from Milk Nursingwear
Even though I’m still breastfeeding my six-month old every few hours, I somehow forget that little fact when I go shopping and want to buy all these adorable sundresses for myself. Lifting my dress up over my head every time the baby needs to eat is really not an option.

But that’s all changed since finding this adorable, affordable nursing dress that I plan to live in all summer long.

I’m once again impressed with the budget-friendly breastfeeding clothes from Milk Nursingwear, this time with their gorgeous, bright halter-style nursing dress that delivers in both fit and function. Unlike their henley nursing top that ran a bit big, this dress fits quite true to size, and flatters in just the right places. Simply lift up the section that looks like a criss-cross and slide over the full coverage piece to create an easy opening for nursing your baby.

It probably isn’t the best choice for you buxom nursing mamas. Even though the tie halter does give the girls an extra lift, I’m feeling I’m taxing its limits at a large C. Otherwise, the A-line cut and length are universally flattering and the cinched waist
that’s created from the section that you actually lift up to nurse is

And really, best of all, I’m pretty sure you’d never be able to pick this out of a dress lineup as a breastfeeding dress. That says a lot, and also means you can still wear after your baby is weaned. -Kristen

Purchase the nursing halter dress for $46 (whoa!) at Milk Nursingwear.

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