Mother’s Day to all you cool moms out there! When the pancakes are all
eaten and the house miraculously cleaned without your help, here are
some posts for you to lie back and enjoy while the kids massage your
feet. They were all culled together for their combo of both cute and cutting edge from our sister site Cool Mom Tech this week.

We’d say they all meet or exceed said standards.

1. The most techtastic way to share cute photos of your kids–maybe the pics of them cleaning the house for you today?

2. The very finest gadget case is one you design yourself, and we have cute pictures of doggie noses to prove it.

3. Commercial-free online kids TV, now without the TV. Or the whining. Just lots of awesome and one cute polar bear.

4. Our acute friends at Readeez have a great way to teach kids about money in a way that makes cents. (Ha. Too cute?)

5. Want to do something awesome for your friends? Suggest they subscribe to Cool Mom Tech and they too can have a chance to win a Sony Vaio Laptop that’s pretty darn cute, if we do say so ourselves.

And above all, happy Mother’s Day cool moms!

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