bamboo clock
I find myself missing clocks these days. You know, clocks? Actual things with two hands that don’t glow in the dark from your DVR box or flash 12:00 after the electricity goes out? So when I saw this wooden clock, I felt this little pang of must have it.

The eco-friendly Raindrops Clock
by decoylab is made from bamboo, then hand-sanded and finished with
natural oils. It runs on a single battery, so no worries about wires.
And it’s silent, so no worries about gongs, alarms, or cuckoo birds

There are some adorable children’s clocks in the shop too, should you want your kids to be able to tell time someday. And I don’t mean read some digital numbers.  –Liz

Find the modern analog bamboo clocks online at decoylab

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