personalized bookmarkMy oldest daughter’s Kindergarten graduation is coming up (flapping hand frantically at my watery eyes…what? It’s allergies.) and I’ve been wondering what to get her. While we talked about things like a bicycle or a toy she’s been asking for, I think I want something that commemorates the idea of learning and achievement. And the fact that she’s reading. Which also makes my “allergies” act up.

The silver-plate or gold-plate personalized bookmark can be ours (or yours) in two weeks or less. You’ve got 9 medium-sized letters (sorry, moms of Aegelmaere)
or 3-4 larger ones if you prefer a monogram or single initial. Pair it
with a favorite book, and it’s a smart, simple, appropriate way to honor
the little grad in your life.

I just know it will make her feel so proud to see her very own bookmark for her very own books. Sniff. –Liz

Find the personalized bookmark online at The Silly Wagon