I can’t help loving these artist-created bunnies made with vintage fabrics from some of our favorite designers. I just want to squeeze them and love them; especially the one with the apples.

The vintage bunnies
and rag dolls from UK Etsian Jane Foster have faces hand printed on linen,
and bodies handmade of vintage Scandinavian fabric from designers like
Orla Kiely.  They stand at a rugged fifteen inches, meaning they’re a fantastic, affordable kids’ gift; or a stand-in for the glass rabbit statue in a
recreation of the final scene in Jewel of the Nile.

The handmade rag dolls
(hardly raggy) are also a great choice for those who prefer their
doll babies cruelty-free and made with care. We’re pleased to report that
“Tilda” doesn’t urinate, sing, or say anything when her stomach is
pressed. In this day and age, that counts for a lot, right? –Delilah

Find bunnies, dolls, cats, pillows, and wall-hangings in the Jane Foster Etsy shop


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