Beaba Bib'expresso bottle warmerMy three oldest kiddos were boob snobs and rarely took a bottle, but my fourth little one has been much more receptive, making life much easier for me. Mostly.

I would never have thought it before, but now I understand that for newbies, heating up breastmilk and making formula bottles can actually be challenging at times–like when the baby is already fussing and crying.

While we’ve never recommended a bottle warmer before, and frankly, find most of them kind of silly, there happens to be a super amazing new gadget for bottle-feeding moms, that I really can stand behind. In fact, it just might change your life as much as it did mine.

I’ve only had the Beaba Bib’expresso to try out for a few days, but already I’m wowed by this very clever gadget. It’s sort of modeled after a coffee machine. You simply fill up the water in the top, turn it on, and when the water reaches the exact right temperature, the light stops flashing and you’re ready to dispense it into your formula bottle. No pots, no microwaves, and no burnt wrists–or worse, little mouths.

This function alone wouldn’t make the product enough to recommend, and fortunately, there are other uses too. You can remove the top section and use it alone to heat up breastmilk or baby food (which really does beat the running water and mug of warm water combo that my husband can’t yet seem to master). And it also includes a bottle sterilizer, which allows you to purify up to three bottles in your microwave for newborns.

If the name Beaba sounds familiar, they also make the homemade baby food maker that moms swear by, so it’s really no surprise that they’d create another product that’s so incredibly smart.

That said, the Bib’expresso is not cheap, so if you’re not a regular bottle user, this is not going to the top of your registry list. And it does take up some counter space, which can be hard to spare if you’re an apartment dweller, or you’re appliance-happy like me. But I really am impressed with the time and energy it saves you, combined with the convenience factor of getting the temperature perfect every single time.

So much so, that I’m willing to put one of my coffee makers away for good. But just one. I still have a baby, after all. -Kristen

Purchase the Beaba Bib’expresso bottle warmer at Scandinavian Child.