Say "Thanks, bro!" with beef jerkyOnly in New York. It might be a cliche, but it’s true. Especially when it’s the one city offering a new online service that provides the men in your life with a menu of options to send their homies thoughtful thank you gifts of beer, beef jerky or a Top Gun DVD.

So why are we telling you? Because we know that women are the ones who have to say, “uh honey…did you ever thank your cousin Al for that thing he did for us?”

The website at Thanks, Bro has a very simple multiple choice order form
where you pick from selections in 3 categories– 6 packs, high end artisan beef jerky (like from SlantShack, shown here) and
“man stuff.” The options are as hysterical as is the option of sending the
opposite of a thank you. You can look up the name of that for yourself.

But these guys aren’t barbarians. The gift pack does come with a thank
you note. If you think of a handwritten message scrawled on a pizza
box flap a thank you note.

Oh man, should we be encouraging this? Probably not. –Stephanie M

If you’re in the NY area, send a man-to-man thank you from Thanks, Bro. If you live elsewhere, you could probably pull it off a copycat with
one stop at your local convenience store or by patronizing some of the cool beer + jerky brands listed on the site.