The World According to Toddlers
I’ve read enough expert-y books about how to deal with toddlers to know that the only way to really remain sane through those challenging years is to laugh it off.  And that’s exactly what this new hilarious book had me doing.

The World According to Toddlers is the new release from CMP fave duo Shannon Payette Seip and Adrienne Hedger, whose funny books If These Boobs Could Talk and Momnesia had us shooting lukewarm coffee out of our noses. This one however,  is the funniest one of the trio, because what better comedic material is there than toddlers, right?

The book is set up like a how-to manual but instead of parenting tricks, tips, and helpful hints, you’ll find funny cartoons, silly graphs, and a toddler handbook written by toddlers themselves. Well, not literally.

I have to say that the slightly goofy cover betrays the excellent content inside–I found myself laughing out loud pretty much cover to cover. Extra chortles were doled out to the “Notes for the Babysitter” section, which reads exactly like a note you’d leave for your babysitter about your toddler and his (or her) quirks.

If you’ve got a toddler or one on the way, do yourself a favor and grab this book. As we parents of 2 and 3-year olds know, if you’re not laughing, then you’d probably be crying. And laughing burns way more calories. -Kristen

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