Babyccino Kids shop
One of our favorite curators of cool is stepping up their game. We have long relied on Babyccino’s blog to find us the best, cutest, most unique goods in Europe, and now these clever ladies have taken their passion one step further.

The popular site has just become the Babyccino Kids shop, an online shopping portal featuring handpicked items from over 100 of the boutiques we love–and some that are new to us.

should check out the pick of the day, weekly top ten selections and the
special deals pages, while newbies can start off with the “my
favorites” section to get their feet wet. This is most deifnitely one of
those fantastic sites you will lose large blocks of time to. Bookmark
it now and thank us later.

Word of caution- most of the charming
highlighted items aren’t cheap, and ship from the EU, and if you are
anything like me, you are bound to want one of everything. Choose
wisely. –Stephanie M

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