Once my kids were past the put-everything-in-their-mouth, choking-hazard stage of development, their toys seemed to instantly shrink. And multiply. I was faced with pieces and parts and tiny shoes everywhere.

I’ve kept most of the toys organized using bins, boxes and tubs, but now there’s an entirely different storage system for their most vast collections.

Using the same basic design for a storage bag that was passed down from her grandmother, mom Sarah Kirk has created the Swoop Bag to take care of those collections of tiny toys that seem to breed. With bright modern colors and American-made of strong cotton canvas, this 44″ diameter sack holds a lot of toys–our entire LEGO collection or even a whole train yard of track.

Swoop Bags

Once the toys are inside the bag, just grab the nylon cords and “swoop” it up into a Santa-like sack which can then be tossed in a corner or hung on a hook up and out of the way. It can even go into a larger toy box and not spill everything all over the place. When the bag is opened, it goes pretty flat which means kids can spread their LEGOS all around it and see almost everything in front of them–no more let’s dump the tub upside down to see what is at the bottom.

It’s such a simple concept I’m sure some crafty moms will make one themselves. But alas, I can’t figure out how to thread my bobbin, so I’m thrilled that someone else has done it for me. -Christina

Check out the new Swoop Bag at their website swoopbags.com.

Congratulations to Hallie M. for winning the Swoop giveaway!

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