Classifieds for parents at BlueleoI didn’t have kids yet when I lived in New York, but if I did–or should we ever happen to move back (could happen!)–I’d need some help getting it all together. A toddler bed to fit in a Manhattan apartment? Recommendations for a fabulous nanny? A gently-used city stroller for two?

These are things for which you could turn to anonymous classified sites, but would you really want to when there’s a safer, more trustworthy alternative?

is a site filled with classifieds specifically for parents in the NYC vicinity, including Westchester, New Jersey, Long Island, and Fairfield. In
order to use the free service, you have to register as a real person–which
adds a lot of comfort knowing there aren’t random people placing random
ads or trolling the ads you’ve placed. 
You can search the very simply-designed site for specific products, classes, or services
in each neighborhood, so maybe you’ll find the kids’ pint-sized piano
you’ve been looking, that you never would have known about outside of your moms’
group. -Lexi

Find the kid- and parent-stuff you need in NYC with the community at Blueleo.