Spunge Design organic baby blanketsI love the idea of buying a keepsake blanket for a baby, but in my experience, they’re usually more beautiful than they are useful. However that’s not the case when it comes to these mom-designed blankets that are as gorgeous as they are functional.

The Spunge Design blankets
are made from 100% organic cotton knit, which gives them the perfect
amount of stretch to make them an ideal swaddle blanket. But once your
baby has outgrown that stage, they’re a great size for toddlers. I
love the whimsical designs, particularly the tree motif, which
features three-dimensional leaves to entertain little baby fingers.

The blankets come in two sizes, large and mini, which are great for
strollers or travel. And the prices, for something so lovely and organic
at that, make these a fantastic gift for baby–someone else’s or yours.

Purchase the Spunge Design organic blankets at their website or at the Beehive Shop in Atlanta. And check back soon for pillow cases!