Shirts That Go Combine Harvester Shirt
A couple of years ago, my son was perfectly happy with the regular old planes, trains, and automobile shirts. But these days, he’s a veritable truck expert, so scarily knowledgeable of all vehicles that those simple shirts he used to wear just aren’t detailed enough for his informed taste.

So you can imagine his glee when I showed him the newest, coolest, never-seen-before shirt from the dad-owned Shirts That Go.

You know you’re a mom (or a farmer) when you’re excited about a Combine
Harvester shirt
, the newest addition to the collection of vehicle shirts
at Shirts That Go. Printed on American Apparel shirts using
eco-friendly inks, this design is as realistic as it gets, so says my
4-year old farm vehicles expert.

If you’ve got a kiddo that’s more interested in different modes of
transportation, don’t miss their wide selection of other shirts. You’ll find garbage trucks, cement mixers, and the Fire Engine,
which has gotten plenty of wear around our place, by my son and my daughter. Love. -Kristen

Purchase 3 or more t-shirts from Shirts That Go and they’ll be shipped in a very cool
gift box, plus you’ll score a volume discount too. US Shipping is always
free! Check the site for details.

Congratulations to Christina C., Shibani P. and Lisa F.!  They each won a shirt from Shirts That Go.

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