Everything Butt Art at the Zoo - children's drawing book
As all parents know, kids laugh at the word “butt.” There is something very funny about a word that is used constantly as a conjunction, a sometime preposition and also as a word for your behind. What could be funnier than that to a five year old? The answer? Nothing.

Now combine the humor of a butt with a bona fide art book.

It doesn’t get any cooler than Everything Butt Art at the Zoo. The
premise is awesome: all of the animals that you see at the zoo can be
drawn with the fabulous gluteus maximus as the starting point. Monkey?
Yup. Alligator? Absolutely. My son was amazed that “the silly butt book”
produced quality cartoons of animals that were new to his comic book

My boys and I can’t wait for the second
edition of Everything Butt Art (at the Farm!) and the launch of an iPad
app. Up next? World domination, Angry Birds style. -Eva

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