eCreamery ice cream
Our household has yet to meet our summer’s quota of ice cream consumption (hint: it’s a lot). Happily, eCreamery, makers of that awesome custom ice cream we love, is supporting our earnest attempt to wear out our home ice cream maker this summer with their new special flavor additions for you DIY-ers.

Each one comes with a pretty fail-proof recipe. We made Buttered Caramel–the adults loved it, the kids felt it was too strong–and Vanilla Bean, which of course the kids loved. Kids always love vanilla, but this was the rich, subtle kind of good vanilla that grown-ups really like, too.

There’s also flavors like 3 Cocoa Bean Chocolate and Tiramisu Cappuccino. At $9.99, each 5.9 oz. container makes several batches, and you can use more or less, depending on your tastebuds.

Just get your own ice cream maker going, and add a few spoonfuls of their gourmet flavoring to a mix of dairy and sugar, and then break out the spoons. You can also personalize the blank canvas pint containers to make your own house flavors, print out some labels and create  a sweet one-of-a-kind gift,. That is, if you don’t eat it all first. But I’m betting you will. – Barbara

Find the make your own ice cream kits online from eCreamery.

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