P'kolino book buggeeIt’s time for first birthdays! I have two parties coming up; one boy and one girl. Then my own baby girl will celebrate her first this fall. So what are some gift recommendations for this new stage of development? -Elaine

Yay for first birthdays! Time for walking, talking, eating and basically getting into everything with even more vigor than a ten-month old. 

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for that very special milestone. –Christina

Books are my #1 favorite gift for kids of any age, though I think they look especially adorable stacked up in P’Kolino’s Book Buggee. Now toddlers can drag their favorite stories from room to room.
Multi Box for kids

It’s a seat, it’s a storage bin, it’s a step stool: The MultiBox is colorful, looks great just sitting in the corner of their room and it’s even biodegradable. 
Rocking Horse
We know a lot of one-year-olds who would get plenty of rocking time on Playsam’s sleek, gorgeous rocking horse. Made from wood and paints from Germany, it’s so cool looking, it’d look great in any room of the house. A splurge, for sure, but a very special gift for a big birthday.
Green Toys

You still have a little time before the wonders of LEGO explode across your floor, but get them started young with Green Toys’ toddler-friendly building blocks.

birthday crown

A birthday crown is always great for photo ops – and trust us, the kiddo will only love it more as the years go on. Some of our favorite handmade fabric crowns come from Cakies (shown),  Chloe in Style, Kate Landers, and Cozy Blue.

Custom kids' name print by Ida Pearle
Want something a bit more sentimental? We love artist Ida Pearle’s custom name prints which would make a lovely keepsake for a bedroom. 
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