zoo bookendsThe more books my kids own, the more bookends they need to keep them from falling (on me) every time I straighten up the shelves. But do you know how expensive kids bookends can be? It’s actually kind of surprising. We’re talking $100 and up–for one!

Well yay for skip*hop for creating some adorable ones that are actually affordable.

The skip*hop zoo bookends are soft, sweet, and weighted, making them functional as a bookend but cute as decor on its own. They’re not so heavy that they can keep a set of encyclopedias upright, but for your basic board books and early readers, these animal bookends do the trick nicely. And considering they’re just $35–for the whole pair (I had to double check on that because that price is so good) I think they’re even more appealing. After all, I’d rather spend more on actual books. –Liz

Find the skip*hop zoo bookends online at the skip*hop website