Back to School Shopping Guide by Cool Mom PicksWe’ve always had a heart for green school supplies for our kids, ever since we knew such a thing even existed.While they’ll never be as cheap as what you find at the big mall stores, grab a couple you love and teach the kids a lesson in eco-conservation right in their own backpacks.

Eco-friendly school supplies: recycled cardboard pencil sharpeners

Recycled Cardboard Pencil Sharpeners
These German-made pencil sharpeners are nifty, and the wildlife graphics are adorable.
($5 at Stubby Pencil Studio / 15% off with code CMPSAVE15 until 8/31/1)

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Eco-friendly school supplies: Eco-glue

Eco Glue Sticks
It’s kind of nice not to worry about what happens if they lick it. ($4.50 at See Jane Work)

Eco-friendly school supplies: Recycled newspaper pencils

Treesmart Pencils
Made from recycled newspapers they look as cool as they sound. ($22.50 at Abe’s Market)

Eco-friendly school supplies: Collapsible reuseable lunch box

Collapsible Eco Lunch Box
While all our lunchbox recommendations are better for the planet than paper bags, this one made from silicone is a nifty option too. ($15 at Amazon)

Eco-friendly school supplies: recycled paper notebooks

Jot and Share Notebooks
We’ve always loved journals from family-run Ecojot, all made from recycled paper in Canada. We also love their Buy 1 Give 1 program to help needy schoolchildren, and we love this notebook too. ($9 at Ecojot)

Eco-friendly school supplies: natural crayons

What a fun way to teach kids that colors come from things like beets, carrots, and purple sweet potatoes.  ($12 at Eco-Kids)
Eco-friendly school supplies: natural glue

Natural Glue

Clementine art always makes wonderful art supplies for kids, and their natural glue is no exception. ($16 Abe’s Market)

Eco-friendly art pad

Art Pad
While recycling ATM receipts and napkins is one way to go green with art
supplies, we also like this eco-art pad for artists who can’t ever have
enough paper on hand. ($14 at Nubius Organics)

Recycled newspaper scented Smencils

Smencils Bubble Gum Pack
This six-pack of colored pencils is made from recycled newspapers, and smell delicious. And better than those smelly markers, believe us. Our kids adore them.
($7 at Stubby Pencil Studio / 15% off with code CMPSAVE15 until 8/31/11)

Cone of coolness

A European tradition, this cone is filled with lots of fun little
presents for a preschooler or kindergartener’s first day of school. We’d
kind of like one for ourselves! ($49 at Jade’s Toybox; special pricing at this month)

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