Kids' yoga mats
It was only upon attending an awesome preschool class a few months ago that my daughter learned there was a difference between “yoga” and “yogurt.” Now, she is a huge fan of both. Presumably for different reasons.

That’s why I was excited to introduce her to these adorble kids’ yoga mats–designed by a real yoga teacher mama.

The Little Yoga Mat
is a pint-sized mat for kids. Each is just a quarter of the size of
grown-up mats, so they’re lightweight and easy for small bodies to
carry, put down, and use. They’re gorgeously designed in chakra-friendly
colors (so pretty), based on authentic yoga poses (Sun and Lotus), and dyed with soy-based ink.

mats are latex-, PVC-, and lead-free, so they’re biodegradable,
recyclable and hypoallergenic. They’re also totally slip-free and easily
cleaned with soap and water–you know, in case your child decides to
add some yogurt into her yoga. Heh.

Oh, and added bonus: they also make fabulous post-yoga nap mats. -Lexi

Show your kids the way to Zen with the very pretty children’s yoga mats online at The Little Yoga Mat.

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