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I’ve said before that the moustache is the hipster icon of 2011. And now, it’s hitting the world of kids and baby clothes too, courtesy of one very popular designer.

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The Stella McCartney Kids collection for fall 2011 includes some hilarious tees like this moustached deer shirt,
that’s made of organic cotton and features a glow-in-the-dark applique.
How exactly something that glows in the dark is organic I’m not sure,
but I’ll take their word for it. If you prefer your moustaches more
Groucho-like, you can also find one on this rabbit raglan that cracks me up, or presented in a less subtle way on this wacky baby tee.

They come in sizes for babies right through to tweens. Because it’s
never too early to sport ironic facial hair. Even if it is on your
chest. –Liz

Find clothes for kids and babies, some with moustaches, online at Stella McCartney Kids

Special offer: When you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll get the details on getting a free shirt free when you buy three tees. And it’s a nice one.


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