GoGreen cloth diapersI love cloth diapers— they’re cute, they’re eco-conscious, and they prevent a traumatic gelsplosion from an accidental disposable in the washing machine. But with most of the pocket diapers I favor clocking in at $19.95 each (or more!), it was always hard to build a solid stash.

So here’s the cool thing: We found a collection of All-In-One pocket diapers that can take your baby from newborn to potty training, and they start at just $9.95 each.

The company is GoGreen,
a WAHM-run enterprise out of Boulder, CO. I found the collection of cloth diapers to have excellent quality and construction through several washings and dryings. Although they also
offer a $14.95 Champ diaper that can take your baby all the way up 45
pounds, I was particularly interested in the $9.95 standard diaper,
since I’ve never seen an All-In-On pocket diaper at that price point.

They did not disappoint.

you’re not familiar with All-In-One pocket diapers, the idea is to make
cloth diapering as simple as possible. You put an insert in the diaper
and snap it on the baby just like you would put on a disposable. It’s so
easy, even your 14 year-old babysitter can do it, and the diapers use
different snap configurations to fit your child from newborn to
My favorites are the Techno Tushie and Li’l Punk.
My son prefers them to disposables, and they have a good fit with no
leaks. Most impressively, they keep him dry overnight– and this is a
kid who can fill a disposable to the point of leakage. (Granted, I used
two microfiber inserts for bedtime, but that’s still quite an
accomplishment.) They also resisted staining– not to mention my
preschooler’s hijacking for baby doll use. Those snaps can take some

Browse affordable cloth diapers at the GoGreen website in all sorts of solids and prints. We love that the boy choices go beyond dinosaurs.