personalized superhero costumes
Last year, we attended a super-hero themed birthday party, in which the costumed kids were given a card to fill out with their super hero name and power. In a sea of Batmans and Spidermans, I have to say I was just a wee bit proud of my daughters who made up their own crazy identities. After all, isn’t that what kids do best?

So yay for another shop that makes handmade superhero costumes for kids, inspired by kids’ imaginations and not the comic characters on TV. And? They’re super affordable.

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I met Sherry, the mom behind BabyPop at a conference last year, and it’s clear she delights in making handmade capes, tees, gloves, and really awesome
masks for kids at great prices. It shows through her work–the tees are made from a beefy,
heavy-weight cotton with a felt embellishment you can customize. Just choose your initial, icon
(I love the star), and your colors.

The masks and capes are made from a
lightweight satin that’s a little thinner than others I’ve seen, but it
doesn’t deter my kids from saving the world before bedtime one bit. In
fact, it’s probably why the prices are so good. The lighter weight also means the cape won’t choke your kids when it pulls back around their necks, like some
of the all-felt ones do.

BabyPop super hero costumes
The sizing is probably best for kids under about 7 or 8, but after that? Superhero capes for adults! Something to keep in mind with Halloween right around the corner.

While you’re at the shop, considering also adding a superhero cape for a kid in need to your cart for just $12. Because really, every kid deserves the chance to feel like Super Me. It’s a great, great feeling.  –Liz

Find personalized superhero costumes for kids online at BabyPop and CMP readers can save 10% through 9/24/11 with code coolmompicks912

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