oi oi leather diaper bagI don’t generally have diaper bag envy–to me that’s like having diaper envy or leaky bottle envy. I’m kind of glad to be done with all of them. That said, there are still those diaper bags that don’t look like diaper bags, enough for me to ignore the “mom” features and consider a purchase.

The new Oi Oi Leather Diaper bag
called “Jungle Leather Slouch” has me making an exception and bringing out the envy. On the outside, it
looks like a pricy, gorgeous distressed leather bag that you might see
at Barney’s or Bendel’s. But inside, the water-resistant lining, the
bottle holder, the change mat, the wet bag, and the wipes case all make it perfectly clear this is designed for moms of little ones.

Of course, Oi Oi is what you might say when you look at the price; this gorgeous fall bag is definitely a splurge. And it’s so hot, it’s
already on backorder. Which makes me think I’m not the only woman who
wants it that doesn’t actually need it. –Liz

Find the Jungle Leather Slouch Diaper bag online at Oi Oi Baby Bags and get free shipping.

[h/t modern home modern baby]