Little Play Spaces French Cafe kids' playhouse
Qu’est-ce que c’est? Why it’s only the sweetest cardboard play structure I’ve ever laid eyes on. Okay, I’ve only laid eyes on it online, but still. I think my children need this thing, stat.

The French Café
from Little Play Spaces takes the fun and convenience of a typical
cardboard play space and adds to it all kinds of wonderful interactive
features that kids will love. Including my favorite, a real chalkboard
for writing the daily specials. Gâteau, anyone?

I love that it’s designed by a mom of an 8-year-old, who finally created a great play space for older kids to enjoy. But that also
means it’s big. Like, really, really big. So you need a big playroom. Fortunately, it can fold up when not in

Truly, the mama-designer thought of everything. There’s a
customizable street sign, a stand-up table menu, an open & closed
sign–with French translations, of course–and something else I love, a
parent peep-hole at the top, so you can see all the action in the café.

When your little one outgrows it? Well, aside from passing
it down to another aspiring francophone, the whole thing can be
completely recycled. 


Find the French Café cardboard play space
online at Little Play Spaces. And keep an eye out for their upcoming medieval castle and a
lemonade stand.

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